Angela’s Ashes with None of the Depressing Parts

mammy2One of my students brought me this new series to read. I am halfway through Brendan O’Carroll’s first of three novels starring Agnes Brown, aka The Mammy. This book is laugh out loud funny, and while I often find humor in books I read, very rarely do I catch myself letting out a loud guffaw as I read. This book is the exception. The novel starts with what appears to be a tragedy. Poor Agnes is at the social welfare office trying to collect her benefits due to the fact that her husband was hit by a car and died, leaving her to raise seven kids all by herself. However, even when faced with such despair Agnes always seems to find the humor in life. Brendan O’Carroll brings Ireland in the 1960’s to his readers and shows his readers how if you approach life with humor, nothing can hold you down.


2 thoughts on “Angela’s Ashes with None of the Depressing Parts

  1. And you will (laugh, that is). There are three books in the series: The Mammy, The Chiselers and The Granny. Yesterday I discovered there is a fourth book which takes place before The Mammy called The Young Wan, but I think it is meant to be read last. The author has a website, if you are interested.

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