Chicken With Plums

images Marjane Satrapi (author of Persepolis) has another graphic novel out entitled Chicken with Plums. This one takes place in Tehran in 1958 and features Nasser Ali Khan a tar (which to the best of my knowledge is similar to a guitar/sitar) player. When his wife breaks his tar, Nasser is unable to find a replacement. Without his music, Nasser loses the will to live and the majority of this graphic novel takes place in the span of the eight days it takes Nasser to die. Full of flashbacks, this graphic novel is heartbreakingly tragic and yet, Satrapi still is able to find some ironic humor in life.

Now, I must say, I am not much of a graphic novel reader. For some reason I find it very difficult to read both text and pictures at the same time. That being said, Satrapi’s graphic novels have a charm and artistic quality to them that I find readable.  The flashbacks were easily identifiable by the black background and I quickly flew through this 83 page novel in less than an hour.  In fact, I plan on reading Embroideries next.

In this picture (courtesy of Nesser mourns the loss of his broken tar. images-1


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