Saturday Six


1.  What commonly-used word in speech annoys you the most? When did you hear it last used?
Retarded and gay- because students always use them in a negative manner, as in “This is so gay, why do we have to do this?”   They don’t understand the connotation they are associating with the word and don’t seem to understand when I correct them.  Their response is, “I just mean it sucks.”  My point exactly.

2. Which commonly-used word annoys you the most when you hear it mispronounced? What’s the most common mispronunciation you hear for this word? Frustrated- “fustrated” and library – “liberry”.  I was once in an interview for a teaching position and the principal told me they had computers available for students in the “liberry”.

3. Which word(s) do you wish people would use more often?Thank-you, beautiful and I love you.
4. Take the quiz: What’s Your Word?

5. Which internet expression or abbreviation do you use most often?I find myself using google and bookmark as verbs the most.  Wiki, blog and facebook are also part of my daily life.

6. Which internet expression or abbreviation would you most like to see disappear forever?All of the abbreviations and emoticons drive me insane.  Ttyl and brb might be the biggest offenders though.  I am a big fan of using actual words to express what I mean.


One thought on “Saturday Six

  1. I agree with your answers, although I’ll admit that I’m guilty of using “retarded” in the manner you mention. It’s only the kind of word I’d use in that context in a one-on-one basis, but I don’t suppose that makes it any less problematic.

    Thanks for playing!

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