Weekly Geek

What are you passionate about besides reading and blogging? For example, are you crafty (knitting, woodworking, scrapbooking, model building)? Do you cook? Into gaming (computer or board)? Sports (player or spectator)? Photography? Maybe you like geocaching, rock climbing? Or love attending events like renaissance fairs, concerts? Music? Dancing? You get the idea.

Teaching is my passion. Discussing a book, or any topic really, with students and watching them come to their own understanding of themselves, life and the world around them is why I do what I do. I honestly can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I love being in the classroom and working with kids. A good class, a class which challenges both my students and myself, is what I strive for each and every day. There is no better feeling than when a student comes in and either asks me for another book recommendation, or even better, gives me a book to read. When a student connects to a book we are reading, I feel as though I have done something worth doing.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Geek

  1. I can so get with your passion for giving a young mind the tool to do all and be all he/she can be.

    I find there is a special joy in teaching kids over adult – with kids there is a level of naivety that they can’t hide there facial expression and you can just see when the light bulbs go off in their head, with adult not that there is not joy at passing on knowledge but with life experience the appreciation of simple thing is lost.

    You are doing a wonderful thing.


  2. What a great passion!
    I only blog about crime fiction, because my blogging is for relaxation, but actually I also teach English to Danish students in what you would probably call senior high school (16-19 years).
    It is indeed a wonderful job.

    By the way, the name of your blog is probably a cadeu to Shakespeare, but I really like it 🙂

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