The letter D

Care at Care’s Book Club assigned me the letter D, so here is my list of things I love that start with with letter D:

1. Dogs: I love all dogs, but particularly my two dogs Banjo and Cyrus.

dsc019732. Dancing: The louder the music, the better.

3. Double Dog Dares: Hard to turn one down.

4. Dusk: My absolute favorite time of day- love when the mountains are just silhouettes in the sky.

5. Discussion: A real discussion, people exchanging ideas, truly listening to one another, creating meaning together.

6. Darcy: from Pride and Prejudice. I’d trade places with Elizabeth Bennett in a heartbeat.


7. Dreams: “To sleep, perchance to dream.”

8. Desperate Housewives: I will admit to loving this show. Sorry, but I do.

9. Daisies: Simple, but so pretty.

10. Devaney, Doak and Garret: The bookstore where I work part-time.

11. Dressing Up: Whether it be formal or a themed costume party, I love to dress up.


2 thoughts on “The letter D

  1. Hey! Love,love,love that you list dogs #1! As someone who is more dog-person than cat person…

    Great list and I’m now off to learn abt your part time job…

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