Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner

goodnightSo it is February vacation and since I am on vacation I decided to start it off right with a little chick lit.  For me, Jennifer Weiner is a respectable version of the “paperback novels with candy pink covers” (a line she uses in Goodnight Nobody). I found this book to be entertaining and yes, even surprising.

Kate Klein lives in the suburbs of Connecticut with her husband and three kids.  She feels out of place among all the other supermoms and their designer strollers and manicures and perfect hair.  She still dreams about the “guy who got away” and what her life was like before kids.  Her days are spent schlepping the kids around and picking up dry-cleaning and Kate sees no end to the monotony.  Until she discovers her neighbor dead on the kitchen floor.  Suddenly, Kate finds herself knee-deep in a murder investigation and her life is full of excitement.  No longer is she the invisible housewife, the nobody, now she is on the trail of a murderer nestled within the suburbs.

The ending of this book surprised me, the murderer was not who I expected it to be.  I also really liked the fact that we don’t know who Kate chooses, her husband or “the one who got away”.  It screams for a sequel, which I will gladly read.


2 thoughts on “Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner

  1. Hi — so I signed up for the mini-Dewey-challenge, and you’re my partner! 🙂 I don’t see a contact email here, so if you could drop me a line at mmfbooks AT gmail DOT com, we’ll figure out what to do. I’m totally excited…

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