Monday’s Musing

musingmondaysbigWhen reading do you read every word? Do you ever skip chapters or skim over parts? (question curtesy of Wendy
As an English teacher, I know I am supposed to say, “Yes, I read every word,” but that is just not true.  If I am reading a book for class, I read every word, over and over again, underlining passages that I want to discuss with my students.  If I am reading a book for pure enjoyment, I think I sometimes skim through some of the parts that don’t grasp my attention.  I have been known to skip chapters in non-fiction books, when the title or subject of the chapter does not interest me.  I distinctly remember reading Gone with the Wind as a twelve year old and skipping entire chapters that discussed the war in too much detail for my sixth grade brain to wrap itself around.  I have always been a fast reader, in elementary school my teachers made me read things over again because they did not believe I could have finished it that quickly.  So, yes, sometimes I do skim, but I get the main idea always.  I skim articles for work as well, and slow down my reading when something jumps out at me.


4 thoughts on “Monday’s Musing

  1. I sometimes skim, too. I don’t skim whole chapters, but I skim through things if they get too descriptive. I tend to lose interest.

  2. You’ve made me realize that while I don’t skip whole chapters in fiction books, now that you mention it, I do skip chapters in non-fiction, i.e. memoirs, etc. I’d forgotten about that!

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