Laura Rider’s Masterpiece by Jane Hamilton

rider2“In addition to her secret pleasure in reading, Laura enjoyed writing.  Nothing serious or big or personal, no journal stuffed between the mattresses, no shoe box filled with smudged pages, no amazing blog that had made her famous in cyberspace….she liked herself far better in print.  It was curious, that she was so much more interesting and witty and sure when no other human being was present, when the correspondent was nothing but an idea.  Sh wondered what it meant, that she could only be her ultimate self when she was alone.”

Just stared reading this at work today.  I hope to finish it by the end of my shift and will post a review this evening.


3 thoughts on “Laura Rider’s Masterpiece by Jane Hamilton

  1. (You think I would have mentioned this on my comment above but, no, that would have made too much sense.)

    Hi! Just thought I’d let you know that I visited you this week, I came in, sat on your sofa, ate your cookies – no wait, I didn’t do that, really! – and then told everyone over here at my blog.

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