Review: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

url-1Summary:  This is the story of “Alice” who was kidnapped by Ray when she was ten years old.  Alice is now fifteen.  For five years she has been sexually, physically and emotionally abused and has become what she calls a “living dead girl”.  Now Ray wants Alice to help her kidnap another young girl.  Alice thinks this may be her only means of escape and agrees to help Ray.

Review:  I walked into the bookstore yesterday afternoon and one of my co-workers handed me this book saying, “Read this book- it is the most disturbing book I have ever read.”  So, of course, I sat down and immediately began reading it.  I must admit, I had some issues with the book as well.  I think that Scott’s sparse writing does an effective job at portraying someone who has completely shut down in order to survive.  I get that, I do.   I get her matter of fact way of explaining the way Ray repeatedly rapes and abuses Alice and how Alice herself has become full of anger and hate.  What I don’t get is the point of this book, other than to shock and disturb.   Fro me, there was no salvation, no redemption, no hope. I think a book targeted for young adults, which deals with such adult material, must offer one of those things.  This one doesn’t.  I think Scott presents a convincing narrator and makes the situation all too real for her readers and for that I give her kudos.  However, the realness it just a little too real for me in the end.


6 thoughts on “Review: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

  1. This book challenged me to think about the power we hold over others…I remember being especially the scene where she’s watching the talk show.

    Also I think that there is a little bit of hope…but you’re right…it’s very dark.

  2. Have this on the tbr list but now I’m questioning whether or not I want to read it. But it definitely doesn’t sound like something young people should be reading. I’m not against them realizing that bad things happen, but I agree that they should be left with hope.

  3. I just read this book and im not a teen. It is disgusting but attatching, i can’t put it down! i loved this book. I like books like this, violent, but its just… gross for some youngins.
    but i do reccomend this book to any one over 14.

  4. It almost sounds wrong, but I really liked the book. Sure, it’s hard to read at parts, and it covers things you don’t really want to know about. But I think one of the points I got out of it was, what if? What if someone had done something? What if someone had asked a question that would’ve raised their suspicion? What if we, collectively, would not have turned a blind eye because we don’t want to know that something so horrible could happen right there?

  5. Reading this book made me think alot. Even do ” Alice” is a character this is the truth that people do get abused. It made me say what if.

    People who saw me read the book would say how can she be alive and dead? I think that is one of the points of the story. Just because you are alive doesnt always mean that. When they asked that question i would reply ” she is alive but inside she is dead becuse she feels like she has no reason to live”.

  6. That book is sad and just terrifying. but stupid for her to sit there and try not to get away even if he treatens her!!!!!!

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