Those Darn Vampires….

Right now I am reading Brave New World with my seniors.  This is not a light read.  I need balance.  I need light reads mixed in with my heavy dystopic, oh no look what we have become, literature.  So sometimes, yes sometimes, I read fluff.   Right now I have discovered the Sookie Stackhouse novels and am plowing through this series at breakneck speed.   If you want a book that requires not a whole lot of thinking, but will definitely keep you entertained- I recommend Charlaine Harris.  She’s funny. Think Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, kind of funny.  Go on read them, you know you want to.




6 thoughts on “Those Darn Vampires….

  1. My daughter’s Sociology class just read Brave New World. She is not an avid reader, so I offered to read it with her. You’re not kidding it’s not a light read. I didn’t read the whole thing, but I did read most of it. Heavy and thought-provoking content in that book. And I was so suprised that my non-reader daughter really enjoyed it. (She read the whole thing) Miracles will never cease…

  2. I have got to get to these books. I’ve always used the Stephanie Plum books as a break from heavier stuff but I think these would make a find substitute.

  3. I did! I did! Read ’em, I mean… They’re some of my favorite books for not-thinking, laugh-out-loud funny, pick-up-an-put-down reads. =)

  4. I have not tried the books, but my spouse and I are enjoying season one of True Blood which is based on them. If the books are anything like the television series…..oh my.

  5. I read the sookie stackhouse and this my favorite parts of True Blood. Did you see True Blood on movies or televisions? Because i LOVED vampire books since i was ability teenager aged to dreaming about true life of vampires. I love actress named Anna Paquin who played by Sookie Stackhouse. Before, Anna played as Rouge/Marie in X-Men. I REALLY loved her so much! I read the Sookie Stackhouse Novels was Dead Until Dark, Club Dead and Dead to the World….So, I never read other sooo. I let’s your know. I am Master Writer and Reader. My named is Chase Kelch and i am 15th years old.

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