Secret Santa Book Exchange

urlOkay folks- here’s my idea for December.  A Secret Santa book exchange.  Here are the rules:

1.  Fill out this form

2.  Email me the form  ( by DECEMBER 5th

3.  Wait to receive your email notitying you regarding your Secret Santa by DECEMBER 8th

4.  Review your Secret Santa’s form and check out his/her website to get an idea of his/her interests

5.  Send your Secret Santa a book (new or gently used).  Let’s limit this to paperbacks only.

6.  Anxiously await your book, which should be coming soon.

*Limited to Continental US only.

Let’s see how many people we can get involved in this Book Exchange.  Please feel free to link to this post through your own website. ‘Tis the Season.


3 thoughts on “Secret Santa Book Exchange

  1. Hello, I hope you are having a great holiday weekend-Part of your present should be shipping out this weekend-it is coming from Go Hastings-I could not leave a message with shipping so I wanted to let you know.

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