About Me

100 Hundred Things About Me (Like You Really Wanted to Know) : In Progress

1.  I taught high school English for nine  years and am now a librarian.  I love the change!

2. I have lived in Maine, Oregon, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York, but my roots are now settled back in Maine.

3. I have never read War and Peace and don’t know if I ever will

4. I once melted the skin on my leg off by placing my leg directly on a motorcycle’s exhaust pipe (not on purpose, mind you)

5. I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was in sixth grade

6. I still don’t really know how to snap

7. I think that The Wonder Years may have been the best show ever created.

8. Prairie Home Companion makes a weekend complete for me

9. Even though I stand in front of high school students all day on show, I sometimes still am very shy and get nervous when I have to present to an audience

10. I played a game of catch with my father at Fenway Park, on the field

11. When I was six years old I met The Beav (from Leave it to Beaver)

12. My father is Catholic, my mother is Jewish and I just am

13. I want to go to Spain

14. I hope to someday have kids of my own

15. I want to paint the walls in my house but just can’t commit to a color scheme

16. I don’t know how to change a flat tire, but do know how to call someone who does

17. Someday I will own a bookstore

18. I wish I could play a musical instrument

19. I used to be a ballet dancer

20. I also was a cheerleader

21. I know cued speech and a little bit of sign language

22. I love cross country skiing even though I am not very good at it

23. I have three dogs who I love more than anything in the world

24. I broke my wrist on the monkey bars when I was six years old and now am scared to death of them

25. I am also scared of snapping turtles when I go swimming

26. I drink way too much coffee

27. I am equally happy camping in the woods or in a coffee shop in a city

28. I share a birthday with George Michael

29. I think leg warmers are cool

30. I think Converse sneakers will never go out of style

31. My mother grew up in Beverly Hills and I was born in Leeds, Maine…. how does that happen?

32. I have been to the Corn Palace

33. I once drove an RV for 22 straight hours

34. I really want to be a roller derby chic (mostly because of the cool outfits)

35. I was caught shoplifting as a teenager and now have to put that on my job applications (humiliating, note to all, don’t steal, it is not worth it)

36. I don’t always “get” poetry

37. I am secretly obsessed with celebrity gossip

38. I steered a gondola in Venice, Italy while Italian men blew me kisses

39. I climbed the nine hundred and something steps to get to the top of the Duomo.

40. I will never be a skinny girl

41. I have driven cross country by myself

42. Pineapple is my favorite fruit

43. I miss living with boys who played guitars.

44. I have a crooked smile.

45. Some people say I look like Sandra Bullock, which annoys me because I find her so annoying and also rather plain.

46. I absolutely hate the sound of someone filing their nails.

47. I have a spot in my right eyebrow where no hair grows as a result of walking straight into a bookshelf.

48. My favorite color changes on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.

49. I love sushi, but still can’t really master chopsticks.

50. The next class I take will be a photography class.

51. My favorite time of day is dusk when the mountains are just silhouettes in the sky.

52. I miss the smell of my mother’s pot roast wafting through the house on a Sunday afternoon.

52. I played Dorothy in my fifth grade production of The Wizard of Oz.

53. I was the sixth grade spelling bee champion, but lost in the district competition because I didn’t know how to spell separate.

54. I am left-handed, which I think makes me kind of cool.

55. I had a Cabbage Patch Kid named Darrell Buddy.

56. I actually had ten Cabbage Patch Kids, but Darrell was my favorite.

57. I still don’t understand geometry.

58. I lived in a house with seven people and five dogs when I was in college.

59.  The next animal I want to adopt is a pygmy goat.  Oh, how I want a pygmy goat.

60.  Desolation Row by Bob Dylan just may be my favorite song ever.

61.  As a kid, I always wanted to be in a club, and started several different one, but they never lived up to my expectations.

62.  When I was young, I always wanted to be named Chrystal and now whenever I meet a Chrystal I think we have something in common.

63.  I believe that hair is an accessory and treat mine accordingly.

64.  For reason above, I also really like wigs.

65.  I don’t understand why people who live in Maine complain about snow and cold weather. You live in Maine, deal with it!

66.  A not so secret part of me thinks I may someday live in New Mexico.

67.  I have always wanted to teach on a reservation.

68.  Nobody can make me laugh like my mom and sister can.

69.  My niece Haley is probably the coolest nine year old ever.  And the prettiest.

70.  I really wish I was handy, in terms of building things.

71.  I am completely tone deaf, but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about singing in a bar to a mesmerized crowd.

72.  I am embarrassed by my lack of biblical knowledge.

73.  I took a class called “The Bible” and still know nothing about the Bible.

74.  I have only owned four cars in my life:  a Ford Escort, Honda Civic, Subaru Forester and now my Legacy.    Scratch that.  I have owned six cars:  add a Volvo and now a Honda Element to that list.

75.  In high school I was hit by a drunk driver who told the judge that me and my three high school friends were all ex-girlfriends of his who were out to “get him”.  Needless to say, she didn’t buy his story.

76.  I think that crow’s feet are a sign of much laughter in someone’s life, rather than just a sign of getting older.

77.  I got three tattoos in high school and I regret them all.

78.  I love the smell of fall.

79.  When I was little my friends’ parents referred to me as “the giggle monster”.

80.  When I was twelve I painted my room lavendar and had a a canopy bed, just like the princess I thought I was.

81.  In high school I wrote an autobiography stating that I was really the daughter of a Jamaican princess.  My mother hung it on the fridge.

82. I jumped out of an airplane once, hurling my body towards the ground at an insanely fast speed, but I refuse to jump off of any sort of cliffs or rope swings into water.

83.  Jim Rice was my first crush ever.

84.  I still say that “You Shouldn’t Have to Say Good-bye” is one of the saddest books ever.

85.   I have never really liked my handwriting.

86.  I know all the words to my school’s alma mater.

87.  Whenever I eat chicken noodle soup, I think of staying home sick with my father and watching The Price is Right.

88.  I was not a very good student in high school.

89.  My sister is five years older than I am, yet people often think I am older.  I used to think this was really cool, not so much anymore.

90.  I do the crossword puzzle in ink.

91.  I have a hard time reading non-fiction.

92.  I talk to myself all the time.  It helps me get things done.

93.  I wish I lived in Jane Austen’s era, if only for the dresses and the dances.

94.  Speaking of which, I would marry Mr. Darcy.

95.  I hate Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is such a sap

96.  I have a serious purse addiction.

97.  Next to the smell of fall, the smell of a bookstore is my favorite.

98.  I organize everything….. its an issue of mine.

99.  I LOVE making lists.

100.  My chickens were all named after Shakespeare’s leading ladies.  Sadly, they met the same fate as many of Shakespeare’s characters and are no longer of this world.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Man, I could have used more teachers like you in high school. And I am so jealous that you live in Maine. One of the most beautiful states I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

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